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Yamaha YFZ450 Stator Kit Instructions

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Yamaha YFZ450 Stator Kit Instructions to replace.

1- Remove front fenders.

2-Remove stock stator assembly, this is done by removing the left hand side cover of the engine. There is oil in this part of the engine, you will want to either drain the oil or tilt the bike up on its side so no oil drains out. You will not need a flywheel puller but it will require a #25 Torx driver to remove the stator.

3- Once the stock stator has been removed install the new Ricky Stator into the case and re-install back onto the engine.

4- Route the stator wiring up to the front of the bike in the same manner that the stock stator wires were routed. Plug the RS stator back into the stock harness.
The two pin connector from the RS the pink and white wires plugs back into the same spot as the stock stator did. The other two pin connector with white wire also plugs into the same spot the stock stator was plugged into. Note that the RS plug is missing the yellow wire, this is normal. The additional white and yellow wires coming from the RS plug into the new RS rectifier/regulator. (See Diagram 1 below)

5- Remove and replace the stock rectifier/regulator with the new Ricky Stator rectifier/regulator. This is the finned silver box with the four pin connector in the front of the bike.

Instructions in ped with pictures here.

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